For nearly 25 years I have worked as a professional intuitive, conscious medium, spiritual healer, teacher, metaphysician and medical intuitive. I am the author of The MetaPhysician Within, A Reference for Healing, an artist, essayist and poet.

If you are not familiar with my book, The MetaPhysician Within, A Reference for Healing please be sure to have a look. TMW shares a large collection of my medical intuitive readings on specific conditions containing my insights on the root causes and sublime reasoning of illness and the painful symptoms that can come with our awakening, integration and unification of mind, body and spirit. The MetaPhysician Within is for both personal and professional use and serves as a powerful self-healing tool, spiritual companion and guidebook.

“Every place where there is the absence of Love
is a condition that needs mending.”

—Lisa A. Blackman

lisa a. blackman

Intuitive Healer & Transformer of Mind, Body & Spirit

Author & Artist 

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