lisa a. blackman

Advanced Spiritual Healing, & Medical Intuition, Author and Artist 


Praise for The Metaphysician Within

“Lisa's long experience as an intuitive and spiritual healer has led her to the creation of this fascinating and instructive book. It will serve as an excellent guide to self-healing and an invaluable adjunct to more conventional approaches to the understanding and treatment of disease, including mainstream medical practice.”

—Warren Steinberg, MD, Internal Medicine, Westport, CT

The MetaPhysican Within is an illuminating guide for the mind, body and spirit. Lisa Blackman's insights have added an invaluable clarity to my clinical work, teaching, and my personal life. 

—Cyndy Boyd PhD

“Most of us have been looking for health in all the wrong places. When the body is ailing, we take a pill. When the mind is muddled, we call a therapist. When we eat right and exercise and take vitamins and still don’t feel right, we realize something must be missing. Lisa Blackman’s book on metaphysical healing helps us understand that the answers are all within, and shows us, step by step, how to access the power to truly heal.”

—Margaret Will, PhD

“Lisa Blackman reminds us that our physical symptoms are often expressions of our internal emotional issues. Getting insights and answers from her from Divine guidance, she shows us how getting to these understandings can propel us toward healing and health, noting that our true healing is our remembrance of our innate identity as part of what we call God. I highly recommend The MetaPhysician Within to all who want more health and happiness.”

—Henry Grayson, Ph.D., Author of

“This book is phenomenal and powerful…concise and completely accurate. It is a treasure and has become a companion to me. The more I read it the more it helps not only me, but those around me that I love to heal and understand that which our souls are speaking. The MetaPhysician Within gives us the tools to heal ourselves and with such compassion speaks to you as if Lisa was sitting with you guiding you and helping you to heal. So much depth lies in this book that one is drawn to re-read it over and over again and share it with everyone.”

—Michelle S., South Africa

“Excellent Read! If you're looking for a lasting way to unite body, mind and soul, this book is a must read. Full of words to inspire a healthy, happy relationship with the self and others. I found The MetaPhysician Within to be such a useful read, full of wisdom to carry with the self through all of life's struggles.”

—Lauren C., California

“Truly Enlightening! I discovered The Metaphysician Within at time in my life when I truly needed the guidance and strength to heal both physical and emotional suffering. The beautiful introduction is written in such a way as to bring peace and comfort as the journey to healing begins. The format of the book allows for a natural flow and quick reference if you need a quick reminder during stressful periods. The Metaphysician Within is beautifully written and illustrated. A must have for anyone seeking comfort, healing and inspiration.”

—Carrie V., Connecticut

“Outstanding book … simply amazing, profound!”

—Brian F., Connecticut

“The MetaPhysician Within explores a groundbreaking approach to healing. With insight from a physical and meta-physical perspective, Ms. Blackman provides practical and spiritual guidance to genuine treatment and relief from a wide variety of illnesses and conditions. This book brings healing to a whole new level, with comfort to anyone seeking to understand more about their wellness.”

—Michael G., Canada

“Lisa Blackman writes to touch your soul where all healing begins. The MetaPhysician Within is a bible to transform and enlighten your life. This is a must-read for all who believe in the power of your thoughts.”

—Barbara D., Connecticut

"The Metaphysician Within is a total inspiration to humanity - I love it - so informative and love the photography! A must have!”

—Denise S., Connecticut

“I am reading your book and cannot believe how the ailments that I suffer from (being overweight, sinusitis, and problems with panic and anxiety) are exactly what you have written. I feel like it was meant for me to read your book, as if you wrote parts of it just for me!”

—Melissa B., Connecticut

“When you pick up The Metaphysician Within you will be immediately drawn to the chapter or chapters that address your issues. After reading and rereading your section you will feel that Lisa knows you, understands you and can help guide you down the road toward wellness. But don’t stop there! Every chapter offers you the opportunity to grow and gain a greater understanding of yourself. In The Metaphysician Within Lisa Blackman offers her unique insight through her special abilities as a spiritual healer in a very accessible presentation. Even the most cynical will believe when they find their innermost soul revealed and comforted. Lisa’s relationship with Spirit and the Divine fill her with the pure ability to view problems and people at their core and offer her positive, loving counsel. Your life will be enriched for having read and experienced this book.”

—Pamela N., New York

“The quality of the information, healing, creativity and love shared in The MetaPhysician Within is amazing! Lisa gives us the tools to explore, heal ourselves and create a healing practice as we meet the "The Metaphysician Within". I highly recommend this book!”

—Andrea H., California

The MetaPhysician Within is truly inspiring! I'm working to let go of so many things and find the ability to heal my body and soul and share the God inspired love within me! Thank you for sharing your insights with the world!”

—Stephanie S., Ohio

“My Life has changed dramatically because of the amazing metaphysical insights and healing energy Lisa offers.”

—Carla W., Arizona

“So excited Lisa's book is finally out! She read me her insights on Lyme disease about a year ago and it was quite an eye opener. I've already downloaded it to my Kindle and am really looking forward to delving deeper into the wisdom she has brought forth! Thank you, Lisa for all you do!”

—Kim T., Virginia

"The MetaPhysician Within is brilliant and without peer. This groundbreaking work is uniquely written and easy to understand. The essays are a great way to help you to heal conditions that you personally are experiencing or to better understand and deal with those you love and/ or care for who are suffering in any way. This is not a one time read but rather is a reference book for healing that can provide you with new insights each time you pick it up whether you have a particular symptom or not. Incredibly accurate and a must read.”

—Richard B., Connecticut

“After reading Lisa's metaphysical essay on breast cancer I was stunned by the psycho-spiritual significance of the information! I have Crohn's disease and use The MetaPhysician for my own healing.”

—Karen A., New York

“I met Lisa in June and was instantly drawn to her kindness and charm. When she told me her interest was in healing and that she had just finished writing her book, The Metaphysician Within. I wanted to read it immediately. I was mesmerized! The book shed light on the anatomy of illnesses that plagued people near and dear to me. I recommend this book to anyone struggling to understand the emotional anatomy of illness. In understanding the depths of these emotions, we may effectively reprogram ourselves to self-love and healing. Lisa radiates warmth that is restorative, and that comes across when you meet her. Her book is an extension of her boundless energy and healing."

—Jill O, New Jersey

“I was lucky enough to meet personally with Lisa and to follow up my meeting with reading through her book. There are multiple issues and ailments I am dealing with (like everyone, its never just one thing!), and talking to Lisa about the blockages to spiritual healing and then reading about some of these things in her book lead to a fountain of unleashed creativity and confidence for the months following my meeting and receiving her book. Thank you Lisa—everyone should become more aware of looking at their ailments outside of doctor visits!"

—Sherry P., Connecticut

The MetaPhysician Within is spiritual medicine…I keep it handy on my iPhone and use it to help myself and others all the time!”

—Ewelina S., Poland

The MetaPhysician Within is amazing…this book is a treasure! Thank you very much for sending it into the world. The more I read it, the more I understand that each metaphysical essay has something to offer anyone…I read it daily!”

El, The Netherlands

“More than a diagnostic tool and a means for gaining new understanding about one's body, The Metaphysician Within represents a new and marvelous way of seeing the metaphysical in the physical. This way of seeing and being comes through from a heart anchored firmly in love and a deeply intuitive mind.”

—Jim, Maryland

Intuitive Readings Testimonials 

"Lisa is simply amazing.  The session was wonderful, and I felt more light, more free, more at peace afterward than I had in a very long time.  Even as we were doing the session, I could feel healing and shifts taking place.  Lisa's intuitive abilities are astounding, and often I was left speechless with how she picked up on things she couldn't have possibly known about me.  She provided the core reasons of why I was dealing with the symptoms and issues that I was having, and offered solid actions and effective advice on how towel.  Her authentic kindness and loving support make her a delight to work with.  It was a life changing, and transforming experience.  The session with Lisa was  one of the best investments I ever made, and I highly recommend her to anyone considering a session.  You will be so happy that you did." 

                                    - Jaime Carlson. C Hyp, MPMH, CPPD  

" I am a living testament to Lisa's book and to her.  I've worked with her and her guidance is amazing.  So much healing has occurred in myself.  I have had several medical issues...referred to her book ( best to read the entire book, then if needed, go to the specific writing that matches the issue at hand).  I healed myself and feel a thousand times better thanks to her guidance and her writings!  

                                                              _ Missy Petrone

"Regarding Lisa Blackman and her healing work:  I was lucky enough to meet personally with Lisa and to follow up my meeting with reading her book, The MetaPhysician Within.  There are multiple issues and ailments I am dealing with ( like many, it is never just one thing!) Talking to Lisa about the blockages to healing and then reading about some of these things in her book lead to a major fountain of unleashed creativity and confidence in my life for the months following my meeting and receiving her book.  Thank you, Lisa - Everyone should become more aware of looking at their ailments outside of doctor visits!  

                                                                 - Sherri Pullie

" My reading with Lisa was a life shifting hour and helped me reach a level of feeling and awareness that I couldn't access on my own.  Lisa's intuitive nature and ability to tap into what was happening and the root of the issue is truly profound and mystical.  The work she does is a gift, and I'm beyond blessed to have experienced it.  I look forward to seeing her again in the future!”

—Maria K.

“Lisa was able to see what was causing my inner turmoil.  I could instantly feel a much-needed release of all the pent-up emotions that I was holding onto and she guided me on how to further along the healing process.  Her abilities are far beyond what I imagined were possible and I thank her immensely!”

—Lisa B., Illinois

“Lisa Blackman is the best investment I have ever made into discovering my authentic self.  She is a truly gifted guide to touching your soul and finding the answers within.”

—Chris L, Connecticut 

“I love this woman!  Buy her book, read her blog, hire her...  She is an extraordinary healer and beautiful soul inside and out!”

—Lisa P. G., New York

“My Life has changed dramatically because of the amazing metaphysical insights and healing energy Lisa offers!”

—Carla W., Arizona

“I highly recommend a reading/healing from Lisa. She is a clear channel for the Divine to work and communicate through!”

—Stephen W., Virginia

“Having had many readings in my life I can tell you nothing and I mean nothing compares to this accurate, articulate, concise and ever so precise simply brilliant reading!  I now know all I must do to forge ahead. Meeting Lisa has changed my life forever.”

—Syd S., California

“To sit with Lisa is to learn about your inner soul. She is a true professional with God-given insight.  I never have felt so complete with my mind, body and soul as I did leaving there.”

—Missy P., Connecticut

“The Reading Lisa gave for me has been like a pair of long needed glasses!  Very uplifting, spot on and the guidance I was longing for!”

—Anna Marie M., United Kingdom

“Lisa has a tremendous ability to take inventory and know where another is at, and then open them up gently and effortlessly.”

—Steve G., Illinois

“Lisa has the extraordinary ability to see into a persons soul and assist them in their spiritual healing. She is full of love and compassion and can quickly assess where a person needs to focus their energy to improve their personal relationships and life.  She is a very gifted healer.”

—Marie S., Connecticut

“Lisa is the most talented spiritual healer I have ever known.  Her insight has helped me to improve every area of my life!”

—Debbie D.,  Connecticut

“Lisa and I met during a time of tragedy in my life. I had found her website some time before my brother's accident and followed her, inspired by her expressions of love and passion for her work.  Little did I know that one day she would become an essential piece of the puzzle surrounding my brother's disappearance. With grace, she gently offered me insight and gave me the courage I would need to face what would be the most devastating news of my life.  I felt an instant connection to Lisa and knew she had offered me truth in such a loving manner.  She is an amazing soul, gifted with divine wisdom and I am blessed to have found her.  She has since gifted me with a connection to my brother in death and has affirmed my belief that his journey did not end here on earth.  I would be blessed to experience and would trust in her work again anytime in the future.

—Trisha, British Columbia

“Lisa is a deeply gifted, spiritual and love-filled individual with a unique capacity to see through to the heart and soul of one’s current challenges. She helps us glimpse at the true inner essence of any issue, and shows us how to move forward by revealing honestly and courageously what the soul desires.  She has been so instrumental in helping me “see” and take foot on, the right stepping stones toward achieving my dreams.  Her insights are blessings.”

—Kathy C., Connecticut

“I want to express my deepest gratitude for the reading.  It is an experience I will never forget.  Lisa’s energy was so enlightening and healing for me.”

—Kristina F., New York

“I was truly impressed with Lisa’s intuitive and caring insights during our session. Lisa has been blessed with a gift for helping others to really “see”.  I was able to really get clear on some things that had confused me before.  It was an amazing experience!”

—Meg L., Connecticut

“Lisa is a unique spirit of love and wisdom with the remarkable ability to move your spirit into the purest essence of God.”

—Katherine R, California

“Lisa is a messenger from God...her ability to soothe the soul is profound!”

—Yvette D. P., Washington, District of Columbia

“My session with Lisa was truly transformational!  She moved quickly, thoughtfully, truthfully and respectfully to the heart of the issue that was facing me.  She then reflected appropriate course of action that would be of the highest good for all involved.  Lisa is an amazing spiritual healer and she is not for sissies!  Be ready, she is!”

—Jayne Atkinson, Actress 

“Lisa is a ray of light on our Earth. Her dedication to Spirit is beautiful to behold and her ability to see into the workings of the Universe inspires others to seek the spiritual path. Her loving heart offers a safe place for a person to open to the Divine within. Truly she is doing the work of the angels here!”

— Donna D, California

“I know I didn't ask a lot of questions about the work you did in the background while we talked, but I can feel an opening has occurred being directly as a result of us working together.  Thank you again for your generosity and your spirit. You have helped me to move things along at an accelerated  rate!  This experience has brought me much gratitude for all we can be, do and achieve while in physical form.”

—Anita K, Pennsylvania